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Title : Factors for Improving the Supply Chain Management Performance: a Survey of Chinese Toy Makers
Author(s) : Hong-bo Shi, Dong-mei Wang, Wei-na Zou
Author affiliation : 1 Harbin Institute of Technology at Weihai
2 Harbin Institute of Technology
Corresponding author img Corresponding author at : Corresponding author img  

Chinese toy makers continue to make steady progress across the areas of supply chain competency. This paper contributes to the ongoing discussion about the supply chain management of Chinese toy makers by conducting a survey among 148 respondents from the industry. The questionnaire includes 24 questions that belong to six sections, which are design and buying, materials procurement, production operations, product distribution, quality control, list of tools (technology). Through analyzing the feedback data from 36 respondents, this study reveals the update circumstances of Chinese toy industry regarding supply chain management. Notably, on the one hand, most toy makers (about 90%) suggest that they value quality control, which is essential for global competition. On the other hand, less toy makers prefer to adopt advanced supply chain management tools; this may hinder their competitiveness in the long run. To conclude, both constructive and practical suggestions are given to the toy makers for improving their supply chain management performance.

Key words:Procurement, quality control, supply chain management, survey, toy makers

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Hong-bo Shi, Dong-mei Wang, Wei-na Zou, Factors for Improving the Supply Chain Management Performance: a Survey of Chinese Toy Makers, Advances in Industrial Engineering and Management, Vol.3, No.1, 2014, pp.13-20, doi: 10.7508/AIEM-V3-N1-13-20.

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DOI : 10.7508/AIEM-V3-N1-13-20

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