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Title : An Integration between Fuzzy PROMETHEE and Fuzzy Linear Program for Supplier Selection Problem: Case Study
Author(s) : Ahmad Jafarnejad, Hossein safari, Ermia Aghasi
Author affiliation : Faculty of Management, University of Tehran, Iran
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This paper proposes an integrated decision making model for supplier evaluation under fuzzy environment. First the fuzzy decision matrix is formed and using fuzzy PROMETHEE the pairwise comparison is performed. Then, by fuzzy linear programming (FLP) the weights of the attributes pairwise matrices are obtained. Finally, the fuzzy output is transformed to crisp one employing fuzzy analytic hierarchy process (FAHP). The applicability and the validity of the proposed method is evaluate in a case study. The results are helpful in business plan and road map of businesses for obtaining competitive advantage and profit maximization.

Key words:Supplier selection; fuzzy PROMETHEE; full fuzzy linear program

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Ahmad Jafarnejad, Hossein safari, Ermia Aghasi, An Integration between Fuzzy PROMETHEE and Fuzzy Linear Program for Supplier Selection Problem: Case Study, Advances in Industrial Engineering and Management, vol. 4, no. 1, 2015, pp. 79-88, doi: 10.7508/aiem.2015.01.008

Full Text : PDF(size: 803.52 kB, pp. 79-88, Download times:417)

DOI : 10.7508/aiem.2015.01.008

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