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On July 28th 2021, China Association for Science and Technology released 10 issues in Frontiers of Science Research as a guiding role, 10 issues in Frontiers of Engineering Technology Research as a pivotal role of innovation, and for the first time released 10 issues in Frontiers of Industrial Technology Research which leads the development of the industry.
10 issues in Frontiers of Science Research

1. How to break through the preparation theory and technology of macro-crystalline materials?
2. What is the mechanism of high-efficiency catalytic reaction under the nanometer scale?
3. What is the environmental regulatory network from crop genes to phenotypes?
4. Neutrino mass and cosmic matter--What is the origin of antimatter asymmetry?
5. Is there a unified time rule outside the earth?
6. How the memory in the brain is produced and reproduced?
7. What is the path optimization and stabilization mechanism of the new power system with new energy as the main body?
8. What is the physical mechanism of double-increasing effect in aluminum alloy Ultra-cryogenic deformation?
9. How to reveal the dynamic mechanism of plate motion?
10. What is the impact of the imbalance and instability in the "Asian Water Tower" on the river system of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau?
10 issues in Frontiers of Engineering Technology Research

1. How to use agricultural microbial germplasm resources efficiently?
2. How to solve the problem of nanostructure measurement in 3D semiconductor chips?
3. How to develop an solid-state secondary battery that doubles the specific energy?
4. How to develop the key technology of China's own ultrahigh-resolution stereoscopic mapping satellites?
5. How to use AI to realize the identification of multiple diseases in medical images and perform auxiliary diagnosis and treatment?
6. How to break through the technical difficulties of deep sea voyage equipment manufacturing and safety assurance engineering?
7. How to create a 5G+ full-cycle health management system?
8. How to build an accurate and efficient ecological protection network and restore biodiversity through important ecosystem restoration projects?
9. How to build a technical system for the expansion of carbon sinks in China's ecosystem?
10. How to make a desktop-level micro-reactor battery?
10 issues in Frontiers of Industrial Technology Research

1. How to achieve precise photonic integration for large-scale integrated optical chips?
2. How to develop medical implant materials for diseases of aging?
3. How to develop a cavity surgery robot product that incorporates soft robotics and intelligent shadow control integration technology?
4. How to develop large-scale low-energy-consumption liquid hydrogen technology and long-distance green hydrogen storage and transportation technology?
5. How to solve the key technical problems of aero-engine nacelle in China?
6. How to break through the targeted, rapid, economic and safe pollution abatement technology of heavy metals in cultivated land?
7. How to use the scenic water to accelerate the realization of the "carbon neutral" goal?
8. How to overcome the key technology research and development and engineering demonstration problems of floating offshore wind power?
9. How to prepare high clean and high homogeneous superfine crystal high-end bearing steel material?
10. How to develop a satellite Internet network communication technology integrated with 5G/6G?
Since 2018, the China Association for Science and Technology has organized national societies and other science and technology communities to collect and select frontiers issues in science and engineering technology
The China Association for Science and Technology will promote the establishment of a brand system for research and judgment on major issues and difficult problems, practice the value mission of the science and technology community, gather the consensus of scientific and technological workers, deepen global scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation, continue to study and judge scientific and technological development trends, identify key core technologies, and unite scientific and technological forces to coordinate research. Promote high-level technological self-reliance and self-reliance.

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