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The last few years have witnessed the ever-increasing output of scientific research results and the rapid development of digital publishing. Now scientific researchers and journal editors should be more active and proactive in allowing research findings to “go globally” and opening up the international market for academic exchanges, so as to promote increased academic exchanges.

As a leading international company offering professional journal service, we are constantly exploring how to help scientific researchers and journal editors to further promote research results and to expand markets in a brand new way. To this end, we provide diversified services to increase world influence, and enhance readership of published articles.

How publications adapt and survive in the global scientific community is an important issue that each practitioner in the publishing industry needs to cogitate. Due to long term exposure to such environment, we are able to accurately offer industry information and grasp the latest market trends. Based on the deep understanding of the global publishing industry over the years and the accumulated experience through long-term cooperation with internationally renowned publishers and journals, we can effectively promote content and significantly increase the influence of journals.

Journal development strategy will be offered such as promoting performance, increasing submissions, and imparting advanced publishing management concepts, so as to bring you more opportunities for international exchanges and cooperation.

The aim is to have Journals/Peridicals covered by Core Collections: Science Citation Index or Social Science Citation Index soon, not just indexed by Emerging Science Citation Index.

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Digital Publishing Promotion and International Social Media

As we all know, Journal Impact Factor is mainly determined by the number of citations, and the latter largely depends on the global popularity and the breadth of digital publishing of journals. In order to create a good brand image on a global scale, international promotion is a central part. Based on the characteristics and content of your journal, we will use appropriate methods and communication channels to provide technical support for your journal's global promotion strategy, which will play an essential role in coverage of journals by SCI/SSCI/AHCI.

Sciencealerts will provide a series of comprehensive international promotion services. You can enjoy a complete set of service agency support, or you can choose only a single service content, which also includes the production of distinctive dynamic content for you, such as graphical abstracts and video abstracts. This has gradually become a mainstream trend in the United States and Europe, and has effectively helped a large number of authors and journals increase the number of citations. Our editorial staff are very good at producing the dynamic content, which can better provide technical support for your journal.

In order to increase the exposure and popularity of the journal, we will provide you with efficient e-mail promotion services, which will promote your journal information to overseas markets, target readers and ensure a higher delivery rate through mature technology.

Meanwhile, English poster mailing services will be used to display the publications in libraries and academic institutions. We will contact potential authors by phone or communicate with relevant international conferences, and give direct feedback to journals and publishers. The marketing services will help you reach new audiences and readers and increase subscriptions of journals.

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